Stock Leather House

We sell leather

Stock Leather House is a company in Arzignano that markets leathers. From the province of Vicenza, the pulsing heart where prestigious Italian leather is processed, we supply clients from all over the world with raw and processed hides. After ten years in the quality leather sector, we can obtain and market leathers at each processing level.

Our reference sectors are:

  • The sale of leathers for vehicles
  • The sale of leathers for furnishings
  • The sale of leathers for footwear
  • The sale of leathers for leatherware

The raw hides or processed leathers we propose are selected carefully from the important Italian tanneries, to guarantee products that are prestigious, elegant and also original. The various types of leather supplied come from every processing sector, from hide splitting to dyeing, ending with the supply of finished leathers.

Among our most reliable suppliers we can include:

  • Leather splitters, who work on demand to obtain leathers with a well-defined thickness and quality splits
  • Dyers who, using the famous vat dyeing and chrome tanning methods, produce coloured leathers that are even more excellent
  • Dryers, who can supply both sealed and buffered leathers, and quality crusts 
  • Finishers, for leathers that are coloured using special techniques and with mastery
  • Printers, who supply our clients with competitive leather stocks, and stocks on request, to offer leathers with every type of grain
For the sale of stock leather, Stock Leather House is a reference point in Arzignano, a top area for the production and tanning of quality leathers.